Tell Your Taste Buds to Get Ready

Dining is an important part of life at Fellowship Community. Our chefs ensure that every detail from the best trained hospitality professionals to the newest trends in food and design, flavor and consistent delivery on quality and artistic presentation will make everyday living the best it can be for Fellowship Community residents.

Discover Delicious Food

We take great care that our meals nourish each resident’s wellbeing, energize their palates and foster community. Our dining services team creates beautiful food that nourishes the mind, body and spirt. They are driven by purpose and love to connect with residents – to delight them and to gain inspiration.

Our chefs have a passion for creating memorable experiences through quality ingredients, culinary traditions, and sustainable practices. Our menu explores a diverse range of flavors and ingredients with new taste and nutritional trends that challenge them with the unexpected and keep things fresh.

Where Taste Memories are Created

Food is more than just serving a delicious meal. We celebrate, educate and entertain residents with specially designed programs to create an emotional involvement and commitment to the dining experience. From exploring cuisines from different cultures to celebrating themed days of celebration, holidays and birthdays, we are proud to create more than just a meal by making an emotional connection.

For example, we create hands on opportunities through Teaching Kitchens by showing residents how to properly use kitchen tools, participate in group activities and explore culinary and nutrition literacy that helps positively impact food choices and experiences.

Superfoods to Boost a Healthy Diet

By featuring a monthly superfood, we provide an extra nutritional punch, creatively packaged into specialty dishes that taste so good, you won’t be thinking healthy. Our superfoods are selected for their seasonality and the additional health benefits they provide. Dig into sweet potatoes, cranberries, or even dark chocolate and experience the power of food.

Get a feeling for how special dining at Fellowship Community can be by checking out our Valentine’s Day Dinner below: